Digital Marketing for the Asphalt and Sealcoating Industry

Why Work With Me?

All Things Digital has developed digital marketing plans for more than 50 aspahlt paving, masonry and sealcoating clients. It's this exprience that allows me to create the most effective marketing campaisgns by having this repeated experience and successes!

You're Not My Experiment!"

Many digital marketing companies will tell you, "Marketing is the same for most industries. I have success with other industries, so you'rs won't be any different." This is a lie! The aspahlt industry is a difficult one to become successful in.

The reasons why aspahlt and sealcoating marketing is difficult are:

  • High Competiton
  • Seasonal Work
  • Low Barrier To Entry
  • Bad Characters In Industry

Here's The Steps I Take To Get You More Customers!

Assess Your Business 

Our first step is to assess your current online marketing plan to find missed opportunities

Design Your Custom Marketing Plan

Every business is at a different level of progress. Once we find your position, we can implement a better marketing plan

Track Our Success

Once we have the right tools in place, we can measure the effect our marketing plan has had on your bsuiness.


With the knowledge gained from our marketing efforts, we can find the winning strategies and increase our focus on them.

Bypass The Learning And Get To The Earning!

I've had the pleasure of working with dozens of asphalt, paving, masonry and sealcoating clients. I've learned from the past decade of results and you get to bypass all the learning and get right to the earning!

Below are some of my services for Asphalt, Paving, Masonry and Sealcoating Contractors:


Facebook Ads

Google Ads

5 Star Reviews

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Here are some of my clients!

I'm proud to have worked with all of these top knotch paving, masonry and sealcoating contractors. I hope to add your logo to this list of industry success stories!

Want Help Getting More Asphalt, Paving, Masonry and Sealcoating Customers?

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Great service. Happy with the site. Works great. Getting results!

JOHN CONNORS  // NY Paving & Masonry

Fast and and highly professional service always got a follow up to see was I happy with with all the updates to my website Would highly recommend them

WAYNE SMALL  //  Driveway Specialists

Easy guy to work with.highly recommended using him

aDAM KEEL  //  Big City Asphalt

The Best Time to Focus on Growing Your Business is Now!

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Who Am I?

My name is James and I have been designing websites for over 20 years. I started working with contractors in the asphalt industry around 10 years ago. When I began to work on asphalt contractor websites I found asphalt and sealcoating contractors to be smart, respectable and hard working. They were able to immediately identify their strengths and weaknesses, which made my job significantly easier! This also made getting results for these business owners easier as well!

I continue to focus on asphalt and sealcoating websites, Facebook ads, Google ads, 5 star reviews and email marketing. I am passionate about digital marketing and how it benefits the asphalt industry, let me prove it to you!