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What Does Genius Messenger Do For You?

While there's so many advanced features in Genius Messenger CRM, here are the key points that will help you make more money!


Color Code Your Sales Pipeline / Leads

Move leads through your sales funnel with color coded categories!

Keeping your prospects organized is the key to selling more! Genius Messenger CRM allows you to create color coded categories so you can move your Facebook leads through the stages of your sales cycle. 

You can create top of funnel, middle of funnel and bottom of funnel categories. Or you can organize your categories based on the different services they may be interested in. Whatever method you choose is up to you!


Better Manage Your Leads

Create tags, notes, reminders and pull up conversations instantly

When your inbox gets full of conversations, it's easy to lose track of people and deals! Genius Messenger CRM fixes this problem. Not just on a big picture level, but right down to each specific lead!

Open the category of lead, and then add notes about your conversations, reminders to follow up and bring their conversations up in an instant. No more fruitless searches in messenger. Get to the right lead, quickly and communicate more effectively!


Canned Messages Save You Time

Stop typing the same messages again and again!

With Genius Messenger CRM you can type a message once, and if it's a repetitive message, simply save it for next time! Now you can stop typing introductions, nurture messages or pitches and simply send them with one click!

Stop working harder, start working smarter with Genius Messenger CRM's ability to save pre-canned sales messaging.

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  • No more lost leads
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  • No more remembering who’s who
  • No more copying and pasting

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