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Are you wondering how you can help your business stand out on Google in a literal sea of competitors? Are you frustrated seeing other businesses with glowing 5-star reviews while yours struggles to even get a few? All Things Digital specializes in online review generation strategies that will elevate your business and help you get those coveted 5-star reviews. Let us help you become the obvious choice and stand out above the crowd of competitors.

Get More 5 Star Reviews Without The Hassle!

Better Reviews, SEO and profits are a step away!

What Does Our System Do?

  • Get More Consistent 5 Star Reviews
  • Easily Boost Your Star Rating
  • Get New Review Alerts
  • Stop Bad Reviews Before They Happen


Let's Make Sure Your Company Is The Obvious Choice!

Here are the top 3 reasons your customers don't leave 5 star reviews for you...

They Don't Have Time

They Forget

They Don't Know How

These may be the same reasons YOU don't ask for reviews! Here's how we can help!

We Boost Your Star Rating

When your business gets more 5 star reviews, then your average rating will increase. Not only will Google prefer to show your business over lesser rated businesses, potential customers will prefer your business too!

Make It Easy To Get Reviews

Our system will help make it easier for clients to give you 5 star reviews on every major platform! This includes Google, Facebook, Yelp, Tripadvisor and more! Simply click a big thumbs up button and they are off to the preferred review site of your choice!

Keep Your Reviews Fresh

73% of consumers believe that reviews older than 3 months are not relevant! Our system helps you get reviews regularly, sometimes even daily! Stay current and relevant with more frequent reviews

Review Monitoring & Alerts

You'll be notified as soon as reviews happen. So you can quickly respond and look more professional. And if a negative review comes in unsolicited, you can quickly respond as well to prevent any negative effects on your brand.

Share Your 5 Star  Reviews

Our system can connect to your social media accounts and automatically share your new 5 star reviews. This will help build trust on your social media accounts and keep them updated as well.  That's two wins in one. 

Help Prevent Bad  Reviews

If a client had a negative experience with your business, our system will give them the opportunity to let you know BEFORE they leave that bad review. And you get the opportunity to please the customer and turn a one star review into a five star before it even happens!

Remind Your Customers

Our system helps remind your customers how important reviews are to local businesses. And we remind them several times so they never forget to leave that rave review for your great services! Stop losing out on great reviews for your hard work!

Improve Website SEO

When customers leave a 5 star review, your website will automatically display that content. This means your site gets updated regularly with good reviews and even better keywords! This will help keep your website content looking fresh to Google and other search engines! 

We monitor these sites and more!

Here is a list of currently-supported third-party review site integrations.

This is a partial list. There are many more!

OK, Let's See Some Results!

107 New Reviews In One Year

Maloney already had over 100 reviews but added another 107, an increase of 85%, over 12 months while maintaining their high star rating. Consistency is key and while they may have been pretty good, to begin with, there's always room for improvement.

8 New Reviews In One Month

At this rate, this asphalt paving company will have close to 100 more reviews by the end of the year working with us. Would you like to have 100 more reviews? You may get that and more! 

26 New Reviews In One Year

Chef Chic's review situation was just better than non-existent. They gained 26 new reviews over a 12 month period. Considering their industry and competition this is a big win for them!


Here Are All The Features Included With Your Subscription

  • Email & SMS Drip System to make it easy to ask for a review
  • Review Landing Page with instructions to make it easy to leave a review
  • Review Instructions shows clients how to leave a review on the chosen platform
  • Negative Experience Capture Form helps prevent negative reviews
  • 24/7 Review Monitoring makes it easy to respond to reviews
  • Email Signature Widget encourages reviews 24/7
  • Website Review Stream shows all reviews on all sites which is incredible social proof for you
  • QR Review Code can aid in any print marketing like business cards or menus help capture more reviews
  • Automatic Social Broadcasting posts 5 star review images to Facebook
  • Monthly Review Reporting will show you your ongoing progress

Here's How This Benefits You

  • Saves you time from managing reviews and your online reputation
  • Includes a guide on how to handle negative reviews
  • Can quickly improve the Google star rating
  • Can help towards Improving you local SEO ranking
  • Amplifies any marketing you are currently spending on

  • What Happens When You Join Us?

    When you join our Reviewlead Service, you commit to 6 or 12 months of building a stronger business by growing your online reputation. Don't worry!  We do all the hard work so you can concentrate on other areas of your business all while building a stronger online reputation which can benefit other areas such as your advertising, marketing and SEO.

    A year-long membership to Reviewlead is $2000 (paid in full) or $1200 for a six month term (paid in full). Once signed you will receive a welcome pack with all the information on what we need to get started along with some helpful user guides on handling negative reviews and how to build your list of clients.

    From there, we will get you all setup and ready to increase your online reviews.

    Let's Get Your Business More Reviews!

    After you finish checking out, we will send you to a calendar link to schedule your onboarding call! We look forward to working with you!

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